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Tel. 085 747 9283


Registered Charity Number.  20201356




Co. Cork

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Fequently asked Questions

Who we work with?

  • In general we work with young people 8 years +, living at home or in a care setting

  • We work with young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties

  • We work with young people with neurological disorders i.e. dyspraxia, autism etc...

  • We work with young people that just want to be pushed/helped to experience new things and build their character.


How much does it cost?

Programmes running at different cost

  • New Trails starts at €140 per session and typically run for 8 weeks. (we often gain support from companies and philanthropy organisations to help families pay so please contact us)

  • Horizon start at €600 for mutli day trips





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