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Co. Cork

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Objectives of a Active Connections Programme

1.Personal development and Mastery: To enhance the participant’s self-concept and extend their self-awareness

  • identifying personal limits and potential

  • Clarify needs and goals

  • Recognise the individual’s role in the organisation and acknowledging responsibility to self and others

  • Overcoming hesitation, fears and fatigue when confronted by physical and mental challenge

  • Conveying a positive self-regard in appearance and manner and by putting forth one’s position, especially when it differs from prevailing or dominating views

  • Accepting responsibility for their actions and feelings, including being willing to accept and follow through on leadership assignments

  • Recognizing personal strengths and limitations and being willing to help when needed

  • Taking initiative in doing tasks and in doing new things

  • Having fun


2.Interpersonal effectiveness: to expand participant sense of community and capacity for responding to others by

  • Practicing honest, open and effective communication

  • Developing cooperative relationships around common projects

  • Being willing to help companions achieve by offering physical and mental support

  • Having empathy for and being responsive to the needs and feelings of others

  • Deferring personal for the betterment of the group

  • Assuming leadership position in need arises

  • Tolerating others’ points of view, lifestyle & values, and showing a willingness to discuss differences and defend the rights of others.


3.Environmental Awareness: to enhance the participants understanding of fragile nature of wild areas, and to increase the students sense of responsibility for the care and preservation of such amenities

  • Showing a willingness to learn about natural environment and its care

  • Exhibiting care towards living things and nature

  • Adhering to leave no trace guidance/ethics


4.Learning: to instil an attitude of curiosity, experimentation and participation by encouraging participants to-

  • Ask questions

  • Try new things

  • Mastery of newly acquired knowledge and skills