Hi everyone, I’m Anna, 

I was lucky enough to grow up with loads of cool natural spaces around me, I have always loved the outdoors. My favorite thing to do outside is to go on adventure journeys of all kinds, the most enjoyable one was when I kayaked from Co. Roscommon to Co. Waterford (350 km approx.), it took two weeks, camping each night. The best part was camping on an Island and cooking a chicken on a spit over the campfire. The last part was the scariest because the water was very rough – when we finally got to the beach at Dunmore East my buddy said ‘I’m definitely going to Mass on Sunday!!’ 

I work with Active Connections because I know how amazing and healthy the outdoors is for us. I want everybody to get the chance to get the benefits from it. I loving doing what I do because I can see what a difference it makes to each individual