Hey I’m Caroline,


I am a pure water baby, love animals and hate litter.

The outdoors has gifted me many precious moments, but, my favorite one is kayaking out of Castlehaven bay with my dog 'Cali' to go whale watching. It was such a magical day, I kayaked into a cave which was over 200ft deep with the walls covered in starfish, sea urchins and other fauna and flora, I paddled through sea arches and around rocks and just stared at the vast open ocean. And then I heard it “wohoooahh” I was convinced we were near whales, until the two boulders in front of my kayaked moved and the largest seals I have ever seen started coming towards me, Cali who hates water decided it would be a great time to try jump in. I have never paddled so quickly in my life to evade the angry mob of seals. I decided at that point if seals scared me, I probably need a bigger boat to go in search of whales.

Mountains, rivers forests, lakes. The outdoors has amazing healing power, and to help people discover this healing power while finding their own internal power is magical, and that’s why I do what I do.