My name is Ciarán. I am an avid outdoorsman, especially when it comes to watersports. I love getting in for a surf or windsurf and getting out sailing, but also really enjoy getting out rock climbing whenever I can. I worked as an outdoor instructor for over ten years before coming to work with Active Connections and I have not looked back since. 


One of my most treasured memories is of teaching a fully blind person how to sail. This was a challenge for both of us because he had never sailed and I had never instructed a blind person. This person taught me so much about how to overcome adversity... as well as how to overcome my own fears of the unknown. By the end of the day, this person was able to sail and turn the boat with just the feel of the wind on his face. All I had to do was make sure he didn't run into anything... He did keep joking with me that if we hit anything, it would be my fault and I'd have to pay. It was truly one of my most enjoyable days on the water to date!


I went to college to start a program to work with young people in difficulty. When I was there, I found Active Connections. After talking with them, their ideas and philosophies were completely in sync with my own. I honestly believe in the power of the outdoors as a medium for change and Active Connections has provided the opportunity to use the outdoors precisely for this. They are an organisation that really care and this is evident from everyone that works there. I feel honored to be a part of a team of such passionate people and would not change it for anything!