Hi there, 


I'm Collie and I have worked in the outdoors with people of all ages and all abilities for more than a decade on both sides of the Atlantic. Ideally, you would find me in, on or under the water or in a hammock thinking shallow thoughts amongst the trees. 


My favourite outdoor story involves a black bear, a butter popcorn machine and a newly arrived Scottish colleague to Canada. No bears or people were hurt in this story but feel free to ask me about it when you park your hammock next to mine.


I have a background in outdoor education, behaviour analysis and social care and strive to bring these fields together. This is one of the reasons I so much enjoy working for Active Connections. Active Connections provides the opportunity to take the relevant parts of these diverse fields and apply them in an impactful manner. We strive to affect real and sustainable change in the lives of young people with a lot on their plates