The Ember Programme


The Active Connections Embers program is an outdoor education program aimed at young people living with an additional challenge like a physical disability, an intellectual disability or a neurodiverse diagnosis like autism.

Beginning in 2019, the program has supported over 150 children, adults and families allowing for access and inclusion in outdoor activities. For some, additional challenges may present as barriers to experiencing the outdoors in a safe, supported and positive way. 

At the Embers program, we aim to remove these barriers by meeting our clients where they are at ability and engagement wise and working with them in a 1:1 supported, non-judgmental, environment. 

Currently, Embers runs in two different formats. Throughout the year the Embers program runs weekly on a Saturday in Kilkenny and biweekly in Wexford. 

Secondly, our Embers summer camp programme  is designed so young people & Adults come in groups of ten to a four day camps throughout the summer, located in Wexford, Carlow, Waterford and Kilkenny. 

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