Hi my name is Grainne.


I work with Active Connections as a Field Guide. I've worked with children, youth and adults through the outdoors in various ways since I was a teenager, in my own locality, my community, nationally and abroad working with at-risk youth in their own communities and natural environments. 


I work in the outdoors therapeutically, because firstly in the specific work we do, it has been a dream of mine back since I first came across Adventure Therapy in 2008. Secondly, because I love connecting with nature and, I genuinely love what I do and feel privileged to be given the opportunity to be a part of this kind of work with others and facilitate and hold a space for others experience in the outdoors and support them to heighten their awareness which hopefully will have a long term impact on their lives in the future. I believe in the process and the use of the adventure experience to transform lives, as I value how much we receive and learn for ourselves from access to the natural environment and the adventure experience and also through our relationship with others in this environment if we make ourselves available to it! 🌲