My name is Mike. I’m a kayaker, a climber, a hillwalker. Overall outdoor enthusiast.


I am originally from Kerry and just moved back to the kingdom from Wexford, I am one of Active Connections full time therapeutic support workers for the county. I feel growing up surrounded by mountains, beautiful beaches, amazing rivers and some of the most amazing National Parks and forests in Ireland really set me on the track to being fascinated with the outdoors.


My passion for the outdoors began when I was very young. I always wanted to be outside and only as an adult did I realise it was a desire to explore and to seek out adventure.

After doing much worldwide travel, exploration and adventure many of my passions for the outdoors changed and it switched more to being able to pass on the love of the outdoors and that craving for adventure and exploration.

To me the outdoors can and is used as the best form of therapy. Fears, anxieties, stressors

excitement, happiness and everything in between. Why not use our surroundings to learn how to

deal with all these aspects?

Working with Active Connections allows me to aid in the journey of young people who are in search

of some meaning.