Hey Folks, I'm Michael but, everyone calls me Mikey. I have been enthusiastic about the outdoors and outdoor sports since I was a wee lad. I grew up in Cork, but spent many summers on the coasts of Kerry Camping, Kayaking and Coasteering. My love for the outdoors has led to many adventures in my life and this I am very grateful for. Working and meeting with people who are enthusiastic about the outdoors has opened so many doors for me and has made me the person I am today.


I love Hiking and getting lost in nature, the best cups of tea are the ones you make sitting around a campfire with friends. My fondest memories are definitely the ones I have made in nature. From snorkelling with angle sharks in California or just having a campfire in my back garden. Every adventure into the outdoors is unique, as this is the unpredictable nature of the outdoors. One moment you're enjoying a lovely day Kayaking, the next you lose your paddle and have to get towed 4k back to land by your Kayaking buddy.  Great fun for me, not for him.


I work in the therapeutic outdoors because I know personally how being in the outdoors can help with things going on in life. Sometimes it's good to get a clear head away from technology. Other times it's just important to spend some time outside with friends or even on your own. I enjoy the sense of teamwork and constant learning that is created while being in the outdoors. The outdoors can really bring the best out in people, it sure has for me.