Hey there, my name is Seán.


I suppose the best way to describe myself is as someone who loves being outside, and it doesn’t really matter what I’m doing. It can be for the pure relaxation of walking my dog, the rush of white-water kayaking, or the mental and physical challenges of sailing. All of these activities, and many more, have brought me some of the greatest moments in my life so far. Regardless of what I’m doing, being outside is my way of getting headspace, allowing me to focus on new challenges and to view my life from a different perspective.

Perhaps my standout memory in this regard was when swimming in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in water 4,000m deep. Seeing the infinite blue beneath me, and having nothing but ocean on every horizon was a real lesson in humility which is hard, or perhaps impossible, to learn when you spend every day in an urban environment.

I have chosen to work in Adventure Therapy because I hope to be able to share the magic of nature with people who could benefit greatly from it