Hi I’m Tessa,


I am from Kinsale, Cork. I grew up in a boatyard by the sea and love all things water based! Originally a sailor and surfer, I found myself work in various outdoor centres, got introduced to a wide range of outdoor sports and found my passion for instructing. 

A story from my time outdoors that I can laugh at now is when myself and 3 friends sailed the coast of Portugal for a month to deliver a boat. We were a crew of 4 females in mid-twenties. We had our skipper licenses and were sailing confidently through the nights and in storms etc. But still, in every port we entered, they looked at us funny and asked “Where is the man? Who drives the boat?”. We just laughed! It probably didn’t help that we looked about 16 and had messy hair and the skipper had holes in her tights! … Some outdoor sports can be perceived as male dominated, but it’s not the case and in Ireland we are very grateful for many outdoor opportunities accessible to all.  


Finding outdoor sports helped me immensely through some tough times in my teenage years. So much so that I knew I wanted to work as an outdoor instructor and share the therapeutic experience. It led me to study psychology to try gain more insight …and then I found Active Connections and thought ‘great, someone has put these ideas together!’ I loved the idea of this work because I could be outside and ‘play’, connect with nature and share this experience with more and more people. I like the approach and vision of active connections, it resonates with my own story.