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Our Philosophy

All Active Connections CLG programmes are built on our three pillars...

The Experience

This pillar looks at the specific physically and mentally challenging the young person engages in and how the participant faces these challenges when looking at this pillar staff explore the activity, participant's roles, decision, and actions are taken, interactions with others, staff, and the environment.

"that from successful experience in an elemental setting, one can earn better to respect self; that form respect of self can flow compassion and concern for others; that from compassion for others one draws commitment for service to man; that in a genuine service to the benefit of others one best expresses on a day-to-day basis his reverence for life itself" - Kurt Hahn

Outdoor Activity Based Intervention

Personal Ownership

Adventure therapy, Ireland, Outdoors, waterfall

Each participant is asked to take responsibility for their own actions & decision whilst in the session. All participants will be asked to give back to self, staff, environments & their own communities. The focus of this pillar is to help build personal responsibility and empathy for others.



This section focuses on the young person’s life outside of the programme and to the decision and action taken by the young person which resulted with the young person being referred to AC. Focusing on reflection of the experience and how the participant interoperates all facets and impact on the effectiveness of the session/programme. This pillar will often be used during session to challenge thoughts and actions.

Adventure Therapy, sea, Ireland, Outdoors


Our Philosophy: What We Do
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