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About Us

Our Mission


Our Vision

Active Connections CLG aims to have adventure therapy as an option for all people in need, and at risk in the country.
Created in April 2011 Active Connections CLG is a not for profit company working with young people with behavioural difficulties. Active Connections is leading the charge of introducing adventure therapy based programmes in Ireland. Since inception we have worked in partnership with statutory and non-statutory agencies, delivering programmes to young people and their families in the regions of Dublin, Cork, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Carlow, Wexford, and Waterford.


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Our Philosophy

All Active Connections CLG programmes are built on our 3 pillars...

The Experience

This pillar looks at the specific physically and mentally challenging the young person engages in and how the participant faces these challenges

Personal Ownership

Each participant is asked to take responsibility for their own actions & decision whilst in the session. 


This section focuses on the young person’s life outside of the programme and to the decision and action taken by the young person which resulted with the young person being referred to AC.


Objectives of an Active Connections Programme

Personal Development and Mastery
To enhance the participant’s self-concept and extend their self-awareness.

Interpersonal Effectiveness
To expand participant sense of community and capacity for responding to others.

Environmental Awareness
To enhance the participants understanding of fragile nature of wild areas, and to increase the student's sense of responsibility for the care and preservation of such amenities.

To instill an attitude of curiosity, experimentation and participation.

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