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Become a 'Connector' for Active Connections

We at Active Connections are so proud of the work we do and love sharing with you the positive changes young people make while attending our services. In 2020, Our amazing team offered 2275 contact hours in our Embers camps and 11600 hours as part of our New Trails Program, we continued offering support as an essential service throughout the pandemic. In 2021 we want to be able to offer our service to even more young people. You can be part of this by becoming a 'Connector'. We have launched the Connectors option for people who believe in what we do and what to help support us.

Regular giving plays an important role in how we offer our service because it allows us to take a long term approach to our planning and how we offer supports.

Your regular donation’s are used not as a temporary fix but to create long term and lasting change for the children and young people within our own communities. Regular giving can be much more cost effective as we don’t have to spend as much time with administration, this means our time and finances can go directly to supporting the young people that access our service. As always, I'm happy to chat to you more about this, help you get signed up or answer any questions, Please call me on 085 7479283 or Email me Hope you are all keeping well out there Ray

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