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Community Foundation & Bank Of Ireland Together Fund helping Transform more lives through Adventure

Active Connections was delighted to receive €4000 from ‘The Community Foundation for Ireland’ and the ‘Bank of Ireland’ Together Fund. We used these funds to support our Ember camp service. Active Connections sourced 2 shelters which were used during Autumn and Winter, which will help us maintain appropriate covered areas within social distancing guidelines. A stove which can be used in combination with the shelters to ensure the greatest levels of comfort for the participants and support staff; along with the stove we purchased some new cooking sets. Active Connections also purchased 10 hammocks, which are perfect for each individual to use when they require down time. A recent assessment was completed on the Ember Summer Camp (in which the shelters and hammocks were used). Here are some of the high points of the assessment.

“The staff at the camp were a perfect balance and energy and calm for my son's temperament. We are very grateful for their enthusiasm and apparent skill in supporting people with such a variety of extra and individual needs.”

“My son really enjoyed the camp, it was his first time going. The girls looking after him were great, knew what they were doing and I felt confident leaving him there knowing he would be well looked after. I received pictures of my son doing the activities and he looked so happy and looked like he really enjoyed it.”

The full report can be found on our website:

The Ember Camps are ongoing and an assessment will be carried out in 2021 for 2020

Active Connections would like to thank the team in ‘The Community Foundation for Ireland’ and the ‘Bank of Ireland’ Together Fund for their wonderful support. This investment is already making a difference to the people we support and will continue to into the coming future.

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