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Representing Ireland as part of the International Adventure Therapy Committee

This week we are congratulating our area supervisor Ciaran Walters on

becoming one of Ireland’s two representatives

for the International Adventure Therapy

Committee (IATC). This committee is made up of 45 members from 30 nations

ATIC’s mission is to promote and support professional practice, research and the development of adventure therapy worldwide. Their vision is to contribute to a world where adventure

therapy is widely understood as a transformative way to help individuals, families and communities achieve their full potential.

We are delighted for Ciaran to be part of this global connection, sharing and developing our knowledge base with so many other passionate professionals.

With our CEO Ray Burke already contributing as one of Ireland's two representatives with Adventure Therapy Europe, we are ensuring that we stay current with the developments of Adventure Therapy internationally as well as playing our part in this ever developing field.

Adventure Therapy Europe best explains what they do through their wish We wish to make AT accessible for everyone, making the methodology recognized as a valuable therapeutic intervention for all kind of target groups. The network can develop AT practices, can help setting standards for adventure therapist’s competences and support research that is lacking in Europe. The ATE network should be sustainable in itself as a network that stays alive beyond the initial partnership”.

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