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Transforming Lives Through Adventure


'Whatever you do and however you guys do it is magic. I hope you know the difference you guys make to the lives of our kids and indeed to the lives as their parents and siblings. It is really exceptional. I have one very content 15 year old who has grown in confidence so much. Thank you.'

Summer is here - even if the weather has only just realised! But even when the rain and wind was here it didn't stop us - all our Ember Summer Camps are up and running filled with amazing individuals learning new skills and having fun. It has been absolutely wonderful to see the continued growth of these camps and is thrilling to see individuals getting so much from them. Smiles all round! We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Dun Loaghaire Rathdown Sport Partnership who supported our Ember Camp Loaghaire.

Adventure Therapy International Conference, Norway

Active Connections was represented at the recent Adventure Therapy International Conference in Norway by our CEO Ray Burke. Along with attending a new steering group focusing on the strategic development of Adventure Therapy, Ray was also part of a keynote panel which explored the future of Adventure Therapy. This was an amazing event in which Active Connections was able to have

a voice on a global level.

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