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We have partnered with Change Donation

If you have been keeping up to date with what has been going on with us recently, you'll notice that we have been seeking more support and donations; This is in response to the growing need for the services that we provide, one of the difficulties we have when it comes to the increase in the amount of young people seeking support is the lack of equipment. We need more outdoor gear such as wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets etc. We are hoping to be able to use donations made by you, the people that believe in what we do to help us to buy these. That is where Change Donation comes in!

Change Donation is essentially the digital equivalent to the charity boxes you would see at many store check outs. Lets be honest, we don't use cash that much anymore, especially since Covid. This means that the change that you would normally pop into the charity box at the check out, doesn't happen any more either. Change donation makes this possible while still using your card. It work by you choosing to give away some of your digital change. You set up an account on Change Donations' website, and link your debit/credit card to it, then when you make a purchase, for example you buy a coffee for 2.85e, the cost will be rounded up to the nearest whole euro, making the charge to you 3euro automatically donating the extra 15c to the charity you have picked (Active Connections :)). When you sign up on the change donation website you can choose how many round ups you want to do per week, for example if you made 30 purchases during the week with your linked card but you set your round up limit at 20, after 20 purchased have been rounded up and donated, no other purchases will be rounded up. It might be a small bit of change to each person but it will make a collective difference to us and the young people we support.

If you want to set it up but your not sure how, the team at change donation are lovely and really helpful. They set this up because they wanted to give back.

Also you can always ask us and we'll do our best to help.

Its just another little thing you can do to support us, to reach more young people and respond to the growing need.

You are all Awesome and we excited to see what kind of response we get.

Have a look at this 'how to' video to see how easy it is to set up, and remember to add Active Connections as your favorite charity.

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