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We want you to get up, get active and support Ireland's leading adventure therapy charity

We want you to support the Level 5 Challenge. The level 5 challenge was created to encourage people to get outside and stay active during the level 5 Covid 19 restrictions. People around the world are experiencing feelings of despair and anxiety, we are seeing this first hand in our work with young people.

‘The greatest antidote to depression is action’ Yvon Chouinard Patagonia

We are challenging YOU to take on your very own 5 Km challenge within public health guidelines. So, what does this involve? Complete your challenge, this might be a run, walk cycle a 5 km Skipaton, its your challenge so its your choice, nominate 5 friends that could use the opportunity to challenge themselves. Donate €5 to help us Transform Lives Through Adventure, all monies raised will support our direct frontline work with young people experiencing emotional/ behavioral difficulties.

We have seen a dramatic increase in young people needing our help across Ireland, and we need your's to help these kids. If you would like to help, click on " Donation "


Still got a question here are some of the FAQ.


Who can take part?

Anyone!!!! If you're under 18 please ask your parent/guardian's permission.

How do I take part?

Simple take on a 5Km challenge, please use the #Level5Challenge. Tag us in your posts @activeconnectionsireland when sharing or nominating on Facebook and @actconn when using Instagram. We would love to see how people are getting on.

Do I have to be nominated to take part?

NOPE, you don’t need to wait to be nominated, if you could use some time getting outdoors, allow us to be your excuse.

Can you raise money via sponsorship?

Absolutely, please be sure to do this within the public health guidelines. click here for fundraising information.

Can I do more than one challenge?

Of course, but please, vary your way of completing it, keep it a challenge!!!

How long is the challenge running?

5 weeks of the remaining Level 5 restrictions, which finishing in December all going well.

How can I donate?

To donate, click here.

Does Active Connections have social media pages?

we sure do! click on the name of the site you want to check out below. Don't forget to follow and tag us in your 5 km challenge.

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