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What is the 'new Trails' programme?

The Active Connections New Trails programme is an activity-based intervention service which supports the participants and their families. We use a range of adventure activities in combination with Brief Solution Focused Coaching (SFBT) to help participants identify and action their solutions to their difficulties. New Trails helps youths, teens and young adults connect their desire for more freedom and independence with the reality that they must take on the responsibility that comes with that freedom. The aim is to instill confidence, strength, new perspectives and skills for dealing with the transition to adulthood.

The Active Connections team knows that everyone has the ability to overcome adversity. We believe that parents and guardians play a pivotal role for the progression of our participants; with this in mind, we offer an intervention service with the aim of supporting appropriate, effective and lasting change for participants.

What Our Participants have said about us

“Such a worthwhile experience for this young person, It was great how well he engaged and the human connection worker and young person had was lovely to see ….this is the way things should be done going forward, ...... Ye don't get enough credit for it”.

“I loved all my session, each one I learned something new, Active Connections help me a lot and found the best parts of myself, thank you so much"

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