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Team Building

Corporate Team Building


This guided process will strengthen a team’s cohesion, their understanding of one another and can bring the organisations values to life for employees. The outcome is an expanded capacity to problem solve, work effectively as a team and be resilient.


Did we mention we are Not-for-Profit so any additional funding raised goes directly toward our programmes for disadvantaged young people. A great way to utilise your CSR programmes.

Head Trecks

A guided walk through some of Ireland's most beautiful areas, Head treks are designed to re-engage people in the natural world around them.
Clinical testing shows that staff members who engage regularly with nature perform better when making decisions and performing micro-tasks (Lee et al., 2015, Journal of Environmental Psychology)


Today in business we often juggle a number of different task and roles this can have the last impact on our personal wellbeing. To combat this, we have developed a number of different mindfulness workshops which are designed so that participant signs off from other thoughts and give themselves to the present moment.



Active Connections’ s approach to team development is quite unique.


Active Connections Field Guides are experienced and professional facilitators. We use Brief Solution Focused Coaching as an integral tool as it helps the client map their own solution to problems, which they can transfer back to the workplace. To get there, we apply an experiential learning process where teams can actively test leadership, communication co-operation.