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Transforming Teams Through Adventure

Adventure Therapy, Social Impact, Outdoors, Irish Charity, Ireland

Active Connections’ approach to team development is quite unique.

Active Connections Field Guides are experienced and professional facilitators.

We use Brief Solution Focused Coaching as an integral tool as it helps the client map their own solution to problems, which they can transfer back to the workplace. To get there, we apply an experiential learning process where teams can actively test leadership, communication


Experiences in the outdoors have

been proven to 

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improve Mood

  • Increase Energy Levels

Team Development Programmes With Social Impact

By sourcing your team building through Active Connections we assure you that 100% of the profits go directly back into our charitable work with young people and people in need.

Help us ‘Transform Lives Through Adventure’ and book a team development day with us.

Team development, adventure therapy, irish charity, social impact, ireland, transforming lives through adventure

We build the experience to meet the need of your team.

The focus is to make the experience a meaningful investment for your company. 

We prefer to get team off site but are happy to develop a plan which will suit the needs of the team.

As all profits go directly to our social impact work with teen at risk we can send you a impact report of how we used our profit from your experience to transform the life of a young person in need.


Corporates/Team Building: What We Do
partnerships for the goals
good health and well-being
sustainable cities and communities

For activities in the West of Ireland we collaborate with Venture Out 

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