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Our First online Raffle

Back in June, we ran our very first online raffle, thanks to the support of all you amazing people, we raise a total of 945.00 euro. For a raffle first timer, I think that is pretty good. We to proceeds we were able to buy 8 new wetsuits and 4 new bouyancy aids. This will go a long way in keep the adventurers at our Embers camps safe and warm. A big thank you again to all of you who supported our fundraising effort.

Buy a Raffle ticket

As we are coming into the summer months, we are preparing for all our Embers Act

ivity Summer camps. Families have expressed how much they value the camps as a support and an amazing outlet for the young people engaged in them. We have been blown away with the demand for these camps and are trying our best to facilitate them. Last summer we ran 11 weeks of camps supporting 103 participants, this year we are going to be running 21 weeks of summer camps facilitating 310 participants. We will also be offering camps in Tipperary and Dublin as well as Waterford, Wexford, Carlow and Kilkenny. All this means that we need lots more gear. We have had a huge amount of support from individuals and organizations to help us get all the stuff we needs, from signing up to change donation, seeking monthly giving and partnering with Cath and Co handmade crafts.

Now we are running our first online raffle, we are delighted to do this as its our opportunity to offer

something in return for the amazing support we have

been getting. And its not just a little something, its actually worth a total on 1020 euro. What's included is the following - Patagonia Better Sweater, Mountain Warehouse - Buxton 5 Tent, 250 sleeping bag x 2, Inflating Camping mattress x 2, Family pass to the Ballyhass aqua park

and Family pass to Castlecomer discovery park (we going to get Ray to do some videos of all the stuff later in the week :) ). We had the majority of these prizes donated to us so a big thank you to our sponsors Patigonia, Ballyhass aqua park and Castlecomar discovery park.

The raffle is going to run for the 31st of May to the 13th of June. We are aiming to raise 2000 euro which will be put directly into getting more equipment for our Embers camps. To learn more about out Embers programme follow the link below

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