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Schools and Groups

Active Connections "Connect Programme is more than just a team building programme. We provide people of all ages with challenges that build character, teach leadership skills and inspire.

In response to a growing need, Active Connections developed a team building programme specifically for schools, training programmes and youth groups.


We differ from many other providers as our staff come from not just an outdoor background but also are social care. We use a Personal Reflection Diary & Brief Solution Focus Therapy process to raise the participant awareness of their engagement and decision-making processes. 


Active Connections has developed a specific programme which helps young people build upon the strengths they already possess with a specific emphasis on communication, leadership, problem solving and teamwork.  


Connect can run for a one-off 4-hour session or as a multi-day programme where young people will be faced with a range of activities which challenge them physically and mentally. Activities have been designed to complement the school environment and compel students to use literacy and numeracy skills throughout the sessions. Connect can be run on school grounds or at local parks/beaches/GAA grounds etc…

Schools/Groups: What We Do
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