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Transforming Lives Through Adventure

€50 - €3,000

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Gear and safety packages; Safety is our number 1 priority.


Ensuring our participants are safe, relies on us keeping our operational gear in top condition.


With nearly 5,000 activity days per year, we need to replace between €2,000-€5,000 of operational safety gear and equipment per staff/programme on an annual basis. 

Help Us


€3,000 - €50, 000

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In order for Active Connections to help impact as many people as we can we need to grow.

We want to establish Active Connections in new counties, on new sites.

What that looks like is the recruiting and training of new staff members, and the purchasing of equipment.

Ultimately each staff member we recruit on a New Trails Programme will support 25, high need, young people each year.

For each new site we establish we will support 50 people with additional needs.

Reshape the Sector

€50, 000 +

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We are leading the way in statutories and non-statutories

Be part of reshaping the sector!


Our mission is for outdoor therapeutic services to be an option to everyone in Ireland.

To this end we are partnering with statutories and non statutories to expand our impact. We are developing and publishing research to ensure that our solutions will be an option to all. We will network with like minded organisations to push their impact forward and help to sustain the high quality of service provision. 

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