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Developing self-reflection

In life you are responsible for your own progress. Being able to problem solve, analyse and reflect helps you to achieve your goals. So, it is important to develop the habit of reflection? Your performance in achieving your goals will more likely improve if you develop a habit of setting time aside to reflect on how you operate, for example what are your motivations? What attitude or idea do you have towards the goal or situation? The appropriateness of your current goal/ situation? What skills do you need for this versus another situation? What is blocking you? Are there any gaps in knowledge or ability that you may need help with? Who can help?

For beneficial self-reflection I have a few tips

Keep a journal/ blog of progress. It doesn’t have to be a novel just something you will understand in time to come.

Get and make constructive use of feedback from others who support you

Make a checklist and evaluate how you are doing against it.

Be fair to yourself, we are often very hard on ourselves and don’t take compliments from others. Be proud of what you have achieved and if you need to acknowledge you can do more, great, if you’re doing everything you can and its taking longer than expected that okay too.

Monitor your performance – look for your progress and achievements

Remember who you are doing this for, often we get caught up on everything around us we forget about ourselves – focus on your own development.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 03

By taking the time to analyze your motivation, attitude, skills, and obstacles, you can gain valuable information that will help you progress. Keeping a log of your progress, getting feedback from others, and monitoring your performance are all great strategies for improving your self-reflection process. Speaking of progress and creativity, if you want to add an extra spark to your self-reflection journey, why not try your hand at It's a fun and exciting way to express yourself and visualize your goals. And also free, simple and effective

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